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WATER “SHAPES” - Meanings, uses and architectural works related to the most precious gift

Climate change and the growing scarcity of water makes it increasingly urgent to reflect on the fundamental role of water sources, all the more so in Euro - Mediterranean countries, where historical identity is based on a constant relation with water. The principal aim of this project is therefore to focus on the importance of water with regard to its use as well as its cultural and artistic significance.

The project's originality lies in the identification of water with the cultural heritage assets to which it is related, to be preserved and enhanced in their multiple aspects, ranging from the symbolic artefacts with which water is associated to the settlement models it is has influenced and the architectural artefacts invented for its exploitation.

Six partners from the Euro - Mediterranean region - Italy, Spain, Portugal and France – will contribute with case studies from their respective countries, identifying and analysing the most characteristic and representative examples selected over a period of time ranging from Antiquity to the early XXth century.

The project aims to:

- create a systematic approach for enhancing knowledge relative to architectural artefacts connected with water by setting up a thematic database and through workshops, conferences and a publication

- increase awareness at European and extra-European level of the need to preserve and enhance tangible and intangible heritage assets connected to water, by creating tourist itineraries, Virtual Tours, photographic exhibitions and artistic performances related to the subject.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission in the context of Culture Programme 2007-2013

Project Agreement n. 2010 – 1127 / 001 – 001 CU7-COOP7

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