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The project has realized four publications.

The proceedings of the international conference, organized by the Universitat de Girona, Aquae sacrae. Agua y sacralidad en época antigua, held in Girona on 12-13 July 2011. The Conference had put together experts on issues relative to the symbolic, mythic and sacred values related to water and to water artefacts in antiquity. The aim was to promote the thematic view introduced by the project of the sacred value of the architectural heritage related to water in antiquity (as the conference proceedings make clear) and therefore to introduce in archaeological sites alternative visiting itineraries related to water. The publication is in Spanish, with some contributions also in the authors' mother tongue.

A'gua. Um Patrimònio de Braga, published by the Universidade do Minho in Portuguese. The book gives evidence of the work done in relation to the case study undertaken on "Water cultural artifacts in the Braga region". However, its rich iconographic, cartographic and photographic documentation organised on a diachronic way makes it a precious alternative guide of the city of Braga through its water cultural heritage.

La strategia dell'acqua tra tardo-antico e medioevo. Il caso Campania published in Italian by the CNR - Istituto per la Conservazione e la Valorizzazione dei Beni Culturali. It represents an original research work, undertaken by a member of the coordinator's group and concluded under the project's auspices, in relation to water supply and infrastructural systems in medieval period in the Campania region.

Water shapes. Strategie di conservazione e valorizzazione del patrimonio culturale legato all'acqua represents the projects' summa and is closely related to the outcomes of the international conference "Water Cultural Heritage: Enhancement Strategies", held in Rome on 2 May 2012. It is a bilingual publication, on line and in paperback, edited by the coordinator CNR-ICVBC. It collects the contributions of the Rome conference, that is of experts from different parts of the world who presented the most representative and distinctive forms of water cultural heritage in their respective countries, over a period ranging from Antiquity to 19th century, together with the case studies elaborated by the project's partners, as well as some of the best papers presented in the three workshops organised by the various partners in Bolsena, Braga and Toulouse. The books' aims is to increase awareness among the public and scholars of the immense cultural heritage linked to water and to raise relevant issues regarding their conservation and enhancement.

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