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The "H2O virtual tours" are organized according to the same thematic categories, developed by the project, on which are based both the case studies and the data base. This allowed to create and implement a technologically advanced solution that tapping into the documentation of the database it reworks photographs, maps, text and iconography so as to generate, for each item of water cultural heritage asset inserted, an original video that allows the creation of a virtual tour based on the association introduced by the thematic categories. These regard the major functions - uses: domestic, infrastructural, playful, productive, rural, sacred and therapeutic.

The "H2O virtual tours" can be consulted both online and onsite. The user can choose to visit on the web all water cultural heritage assets documented in the database around the world which belong to the same thematic category, or to personally visit the sites where they are located. In this second case the user can view on a mobile support, thanks to the recognition of geographical coordinates, all relative to the water artefact information stored regarding historical photographs, 3D reconstructions and descriptive texts.

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